Human Security Training


The Human Security Training Week, organised by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and NATO's Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), through Multinational Corps South-East (MNC-SE), took place at Land Forces Academy in Sibiu, Romania, between 07-11 November 2022.

Together with the representatives from all NATO HQs and Corps HQs which have gathered for the event, representatives from several International and Non-Governmental Organisations have contributed to the development of this training and provide lectures and subject matter expertise about the coherent, consistent and integrated approach to Protection of Civilians, Cultural Property Protection, Children in Armed Conflict, Building Integrity in NATO-led Operations, Missions and Council Mandated Activities.

The conference was opened by the Commander of MNC-SE, Major General Dragoș-Dumitru IACOB, by emphasizing the idea that “Protecting people is a fundamental operational requirement and will always be a challenge in multi-domain warfare. The war in Ukraine reflects, daily, examples of little or no attention to human security in operations.”

Major General Dragos-Dumitru IACOB stated that “The way we conduct defensive operations in NATO requires a full 360 degree and comprehensive approach. In war, there are many aggressors, including criminal factions, and all aim to disrupt and destroy our collective values. This week will cover all aspects of human security, including building integrity in our operations and I look forward to all of us learning from each other, and the experts represented, and leaving this event significantly wiser on this key function.”

SHAPE Conflict Advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Francesco Gonzalez, said that ”NATO is fully committed to the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1612”  and  during the event for the training scenarios attendees looked and studied the parameters set out by the United Nations Security Council, including on the 'six grave violations'.  Those violations are sadly seen in armed conflict, but can also be reinforced by poor values, corrupt criminal systems and complete disregard for human life. LTC Francesco Gonzalez assured that the way NATO conducts deter and defend operations is different.

This conference and training event solidifies a great deal of work and preparation from both LANDCOM and SHAPE staffs, because, as Mrs Sera Gaeta, Branch Head Civil Military Co-operation SHAPE stated that “NATO is all about people, and Human Security in Operations is a fundamental requirement that must be reflected in all our activities undertaken by civil and military staff in NATO”.