STJU23 is NATO’s largest and most complex CAX/CPX to date and ranges from small joint operation to major joint operation-plus scale, involving over 20 training audiences. HQ MNC-SE participated in STJU23 CAX/CPX with over 400 personnel as part of the NATO force structure.

The exercise represented the final stage of certification of HQ MNC-SE as an army corps-level combat structure able to ensure the command and control of NATO land operations at the regional level, in any situation, during crisis or conflict. During STJU23 exercise, MNC-SE demonstrated its readiness, responsiveness and capability.

The HQ MNC-SE Full Operational Capability certification was granted by a Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) Team from Allied Land Command, representing SACEUR’s operational instrument for assessing capabilities and readiness.


DEFENDER23 is a U.S. Army Europe and Africa led exercise that includes more than 24.000 multinational service members from more than 20 nations, focused on interoperability with NATO Allies and partners.


The training venue tested the command and control capability and the level of interoperability of the structures involved, also building unit readiness in a complex joint, multi-national environment. The event benefited from the presence of distinguished guest from 1st GNC, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy and 208th Digital Liaison Detachment that attended briefings and planning meetings organised within the battle rhythm.

Defender Europe 2023 fully demonstrated headquarters’ command and control capability and represents a great opportunity for HQ MNC-SE to reconfirm the ability to achieve Full Operational Capability by the end of 2023.

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