October 2023


“FORTIS IN UNUM” is the authorized yearly magazine of Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East, produced by the Communication Directorate. The publication is intended to provide members of Headquarters and the NATO community, as well as international visitors and other individuals, with relevant information on Corps-related topics.

Please, bear in mind that the articles and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect official policy of NATO, or its member nations and cannot be quoted as an official statement of those entities. The Editor reserves the right to edit or shorten submissions, with the agreement of the sender.

Contact us

To contact the HQ MNC-SE Magazine staff and/or to submit an article to be considered for publication in the next issue, please use the following contacts:
Postal Address: Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East, 2-4 Avrig Street, Postal Code 550027, Sibiu, Romania


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