HQ MNC-SE supports junior officers and NCOs professional development

A HQ MNC-SE team of experienced non-commissioned officers (NCOs) led by Command Sergeant Major Yannick Godbout have gathered recently at the Romanian Land Forces Manoeuvre Training Centre in Făgăraș. The meeting purpose was to enable junior officers and NCOs to reach a better understanding of the NATO structure. Moreover, the session served as a platform […]

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Practise makes perfect

HQ MNC-SE staff attended the Comprehensive Operational Planning Course hosted by the Sibiu Officer’s Club from 15 to 26 of January. The training event organized by National Defense University “Carol I” benefitted from the knowledge and expertise provided by the University’s instructors led by Colonel Titel Iova, as well as international and HQ MNC-SE subject

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Change of Command Ceremony

The Change of Command Ceremony of the Multinational Corps South-East (MNC-SE) took place on Monday, January 15, in Sibiu, in the presence of the Chief of the Romanian Defense Staff, General Gheorghiță Vlad and the Deputy Commander of Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples), Lieutenant-General Stephen Kelsey. The event was attended by MNC-SE members, representatives

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