Change of Command Ceremony

The Change of Command Ceremony of the Multinational Corps South-East (MNC-SE) took place on Monday, January 15, in Sibiu, in the presence of the Chief of the Romanian Defense Staff, General Gheorghiță Vlad and the Deputy Commander of Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples), Lieutenant-General Stephen Kelsey.

The event was attended by MNC-SE members, representatives of various NATO and national military structures, as well as journalists and local authorities.

During the ceremony, Lieutenant-General Dragoș-Dumitru IACOB handed over the command and the identification flag of the Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East to Major-General Cristian-Daniel DAN.

Addressing to the outgoing commander, General Gheorghiță Vlad, Romanian Chief of Defence (CHOD), stated that “You have been the commander that this unit needed. Congratulations for all your work at the HQ MNC-SE and I’m really glad that we can rely on your expertise and support at the Romanian Defence Staff.” Speaking to the incoming commander, the Romanian CHOD said “A mission full of challenges awaits for you at the MNC-SE. Your resume and your experience gained in theaters of operations and at the command of national and Allied HQs give us the guarantees that this Headquarters remains in good hands.”

In his farewell speech, Lieutenant-General DragoșIacobmentioned that “I was fortunate to be your commander, to be the captain of this incredible team. Your team spirit was the final ingredient to the recipe.” Thanking for their dedication and support, the outgoing commander added that “I am now a better officer because of you. I take with me the knowledge about conducting large-scale land operations, I take with me hours of professional conversation and I take with me your smiles, my dear brothers and sisters!”

Addressing to the local authorities present at the ceremony, Major-General Cristian Dan re-assured the same level of support and commitment from himself and the HQ MNC-SE team to the local community whenever necessary. To the MNC-SE team, he stated that “I witnessed some of the great work you have done with the previous commanders: Outstanding! I’m looking forward to working with you at the highest standards to get the things very well done.”

Text: HQ MNC-SE Military Public Affairs
Photo: Oana Alexandrescu | HQ MNC-SE MilPA

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