French Land Forces Commander visited HQ MNC-SE

MNC-SE was honoured to welcome Lieutenant General Bertrand Toujouse, French Land Forces Commander, to its headquarters in Sibiu, Romania, for an informative and extensive briefing on its missions, objectives, and other collaborative domains. The engagement took place on 22nd of November.

MNC-SE Commander, Major General Dragoș-Dumitru Iacob, provided a detailed overview on MNC-SE’s mission and objectives, current challenges and threats, also emphasising collaboration domains, an essential goal to provide collective security. Maj.Gen. Iacob underlined “the comprehensive discussions on collaborative domains, including military planning, lesson learned sharing and joint training exercises, as well as the French strong commitment and contribution to the MNC-SE development.”

Lt.Gen. Toujouse highlights the significance of international cooperation and mutual understanding in addressing security challenges on the Eastern flank of NATO stating that “the cooperation between French Land Forces deployed in Romania and the MNC-SE is mutually beneficial and contributes significantly to the readiness of the NATO Forces on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance.”

The visit provided an opportunity for a fruitful dialogue, fostering enhanced cooperation between MNC-SE and France Land Forces, reflecting the shared commitment of each NATO member country to contribute to global security.

Text: HQ MNC-SE Military Public Affairs
Photo: Oana Alexandrescu | HQ MNC-SE MilPA

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