HQ MNC-SE delegation visit to Bulgaria

A delegation from Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East (HQ MNC-SE) led by the Commander (COM), Major General Cristian Dan, met with representatives from subordinate and partners’ headquarters from Bulgaria, as part of an official working visit held from 21st to 24th of April.

First, the HQ MNC-SE’ steam met the commander of NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Bulgaria, Colonel Svetoslav Halvadzhiev. The discussions highlighted the current and future activities of the two units, as well as the upcoming re-certification of NFIU BGR and its future work strands.

Subsequently, the HQ MNC-SE COM visited the Bulgarian Land Forces and met with Major General Deyan Deshkov, Land Forces Commander. Following this, the COM met Major General Krasimir Kanev, the commander of the Bulgarian Joint Forces Command. The discussions focused on shared projects and activities designed to enhance security in the region, as well as cooperation and coordination in the field of planning, operations, exercises and synchronization of common actions.

The work visit continued to the Bulgarian Defence Staff, where COM MNC-SE met Admiral Emil Eftimov, the Bulgarian Chief of Defence. The discussions concentrated on strengthening the deterrence and defence posture on the Eastern flank of the Alliance.

The official visit in Bulgaria concluded at Novo Selo training area, where HQ MNC-SE’s team was briefed by the Deputy Commander of the Forward Land Forces Battlegroup deployed in Bulgaria with Italy as a framework nation (FLF BG – ITA FN). The topics included the units’ capabilities, ongoing activities and planned exercises. The visit also highlighted the significant role of the BG in the overall NATO deterrence and defence posture in the MNC-SE area of operations.

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NFIU BGR was established on 3 September 2015. It is the first NATO Headquarters established on Bulgarian territory and helps facilitate the rapid deployment of Allied forces to Bulgaria, support collective defence planning and assist in coordinating training and exercises.

The FLF BG (ITA FN) is one of the eight Battle Groups established as component of NATO’s deterrence and defense posture in the eastern flank of the Alliance territory, following Russia’s full-scale invasion to Ukraine.

Text: HQ MNC-SE Military Public Affairs

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